Tuesday, 27 March 2012

40k Battle Report: Space Marines vs Imperial Guard

In case you missed it, here's Colonel Scipio's battle report of our 1000pt 40k game yesterday. It was very closely fought game featuring my brand new Celtic/Romano-British inspired Marinesand Scipio's superb 2nd Battalion, Palladian Guard - disciplined guardsmen in rather spiffing dress uniforms.

The Colonel asked me to provide some post-game comments a la White Dwarf in the good ol' days. This was clearly a cunning ploy to get me to reveal any subtle (as a brick) tactics. I still fell for it. My comments can be found below.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Space Marine Chariot Attack Bike Rules

Today saw the very first outing of my Spear of Mawdryn Space Marines after a several year break from 40k (and my word it showed). It was a shame that my upainted and hurriedly constructed miniatures had to ruin some fantastic photos of Colonel Scipio's beautiful Palladian Guard. It was a very closely fought game with some particulalry unlucky dice rolls for both of us, but plenty of sportsmanship - and most importantly, a fantastic game. Battle report with photos can be found here - Scipio kindly wrote this one up.

The game saw a few of our army specific house rules, a more complete set for the Palladian Guard and a handful for myself - I'm still working on these. Today's post will look at my proposed rules for the conversion that featured in my last post - the Space Marine "Chariot" Attack Bike.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Space Marine Chariot conversion and more...

Maybe not the most practical way to wage war, looks good though
More work has since been done on the old 'chariot' - click here for details.

I can't believe it's been two weeks since my last post. I've been saying to myself that I wouldn't post until I had a solid horde of miniatures painted up, as that would give me a little more motivation to paint more quickly. As you may have noticed, that plan failed miserably.

And I really didn't expect this to be the topic. I thought it would be more WWII, or Confederate skirmishers modelled as if wading through some Louisiana swamp, or maybe some of Paul Hicks' fantastic RJW Japanese painted up in 1886 blue uniforms...? Instead my attention was turned back to 40k by Colonel Scipio, who waxed lyrical about his dream army of Mordians, and his talk of doing some 40k at our next gaming meet up.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Painting of the first Soviet begun

Still not the triumphant post I wished to make in which I gladly proclaimed all 20-odd miniatures painted, unfortunately with work and everything else I have only just found time to clean up the Warlord Soviets of the flash and mould lines and start painting the first model.

As stated before I was going to do roughly 2:1 winter:summer issue gymnastiorka where appropriate. This is still very much a test mini to allow me to play around with my palette. The main gym (tunic) colour is a mix of Citadel Graveyard Earth and Bleached Bone - and will be the same but with a tad more bleached bone for the extreme highlights. The shaded parts were originally Graveyard Earth mixed with Scorched Brown, but with my "arm length" test, the contrast wasn't quite enough, so I've gone with just Scorched Brown on this one. I'm not being to accurate with my mixes for the main colour as Soviet uniforms were notoriously haphazard off the production line, never mind the effects of weathering.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Volksgrenadiers are here (or Heer...)

Luftwaffe Jager of 18th VG Div.
This isn't the post that I was hoping to make today (painted Soviets will be making an appearance ASAP).
But nevertheless as I was getting up to make a coffee, the postman knocking at the door could only mean one thing: my Volksgrenadiers were here!

North Star sent my Artizan miniatures very quickly, the cost is the same as the Warlord stuff and the minis look great (I have a few minor quibbles with the Warlord Soviet sculpts, but nothing significant).The Artizan and Warlord sculpts can happily sit on the same table, but the Artizan stuff is slighlty taller. If I mix the ranges then it will be with stand-alone pieces such as Infantry Guns and the like.

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