Sunday, 24 November 2013

Doctor Who: Scratch-built 28mm TARDIS

This post is a day later than intended, but better late than never as they say. Unfortunately I've been dashing in and out of hospital with a bit of a kidney issue since my last post, but all is well now.

A couple of weeks ago I decided that I wanted to do something to mark the 50th anniversary of the show rather near and dear to me. As some of you have pointed out, it's certainly inspired various bits of fluff and game scenarios of my own. 
Testing the lightbox effect with the windows and signs...

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Bitz Boxes: How Do You Sort Yours? (Plus General Update)

Well what a fortnight this has been, crammed with so much wargaming goodness there's been no chance to blog about it. Never though that I'd write that

Firstly I've had some actual games. A huge thanks to Zzzzzz, for not only introducing me to Apocalypse in an epic fashion but for providing teas and bacon sandwiches on the same scale. Excellent company, some bloody beautiful miniatures and a superb fluffy Apocalypse game. If this hobby is about anything it's surely that. You can get a sneak peak of the game between Zzzzzz, myself, Karitas and Ed on the good Colonel's blog here - the photos are outstanding but still don't do the board and minis justice. Zzzzzz will be doing a proper write-up on his Devos IV blog later this month.

"I wonder whose mum does use new biological Biz?" the shining gallant Palladian officer on horseback gets top points for style...

Also on Ed's blog is a write up of the first of our Edethor campaign games, only 500pts but what a belter it was. Again, there's some cracking photos of a closely fought match. The second game saw my Mawdryn Marines massacred as they attempted a breakout, but an equally cracking game that saw me praying for more assault weapons.

The Scouts definitely win "man of the match" for the first game with Ed... more on the Palladian Guard blog

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

"1933 - A Nation Divided" Kickstarter

Welcome back to Do You Have A Flag? As you may have noticed we've had the decorators in, I thought it was time for a bit of a freshen up. As ever, feedback is appreciated.

The Second American Civil War
Now, onto the business of the day. I have a real soft spot for alternate history, as my 1919 project may have shown (and the mini WW2 War for Wales campaign Ed and myself did) - and as a fan of North American history when I saw this project I thought it was just my cup of tea (or should that be cup of joe..?)

Taking their inspiration from VBCW, Black Army Productions are creating miniatures and a background sourcebook for recreating games of the Second American Civil War of 1933.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Celtic Space Marine Scouts WIP Painting

Some of you regular readers may recall my beloved Spears of Mawdryn Space Marine Chapter. The ideas and fluff have been gestating in the old grey matter and in various documents over the years but it's taken till now to finally start making them more of a reality. I wouldn't normally take this long on a project (Scipio might disagree here...) but I've wanted to get the little details and the overall feel/atmosphere just right, and I'm pretty much there now (at last!).

The Mawdryn chaps assemble
The theme combines elements of Arthurian/Welsh mythology, Post-Roman Britain/Picts and Iron Age Celts with a minor smattering of the bronze age - and an over-fondness for stone circles, fog-laden hills and dark, forests of tangled trees. Basically Bernard Cornwell's Warlord Trilogy meets 70s kids TV classic Children of the Stones. That age old combination...

Monday, 7 October 2013

Building Bilgewater Creek – A Guide to Making Necromunda Terrain

Welcome to another installment of Do You Have a Flag? If Sheldon Cooper thinks he has fun with flags, then he's not visited this blog. A quick warning, this post is a bit of an uber-post, but hopefully enjoyable and useful. It would have been more uber but I broke it into two parts.

In today's post I'm travelling back a few months to the Necromunda campaign organised by Ed (Scipio) and myself. He did the actual hard work, the proper actual organising - and I did the scenario/fluff side of things. It was a thoroughly enjoyable weekend indeed, but rather busy. As well as painting two gangs, my Scavvies and the ultimately victorious “Cuccini's Crew” (not a futile attempt to claim some credit.. but it was my minis that won..), I also set myself a terrain-building marathon.

In fact, it was some of the most enjoyable “hobbying” I'd done for a while. Not only was it a chance to flex the old grey matter in the creativity department, and raid York's modelling shops of all of their plasticard and wood, it also really helped my general modelling skills (obviously not in the Vogue sense).

I had hoped to chart the progress of each piece as I made it, but getting everything done on time barred that. Luckily, I still have plenty of ad hoc photos from the construction. The terrain is currently locked in the subterranean gaming Bunker so I've not been able to get any other shots.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Introducing "1919" - A New Alternative History Game

Wow it's been quite the year so far, with the whirlwind of Real Life (Patent applied for) I've missed blogging and keeping up with all of your superb blogs as much as I'd like to. After getting one year older yesterday, I decided not to waste any more time not enjoying blogging and get stuck in.

Hopefully, this shall be the first of more regular posts now. I certainly don't have a lack of projects lined up.... but more on those later.

A New Project

What I would like to introduce today is a new project. The way that it came about was in a confluence of several threads coming together at once. The first was looking at Ed's (Scipio) superb Trench Raider rules and thinking that they would be superb for some sort of street-fighting skirmish game. The second was a jolly good chat in the pub with the ol' Colonel considering the implications of a German victory in 1918. The third was seeing the trailer and reading about the new BBC series, "Peaky Blinders" about a Birmingham gang of returned soldiers.

And of course there a lots of other little things. I've always loved the idea of VBCW and how it has developed - and in all fairness this is not hugely dissimilar. I'm afraid I've run out of original ideas. But depsite the similarities, there's still something about this that makes me want to go forward with it and see where it goes.

As ever with any project, I have to get the graphics right first

Saturday, 27 July 2013

General Update and What-not

Well, it really has been a while, and a complete unexpected break this time. This is just a quick note to say I'm still here, and will be sharing more hobby goodness soon (well, that's up to you to decide).

There's quite a bit lined up, more Necroumda (finishing exisiting gangs and painting up three more), plenty of WWI stuff and a top-secret joint project with Scipio, as well as a few Mawdryn and Imperial Navy Boarding Party bits and pieces (and maybe, just maybe a Mordheim warband...).

Anyhoo, I shall be back very soon. Stay shiny folks.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Necromunda Scavvy Gang and Campaign Report (plus Mawdryn and Imperial Navy Boarder update)

The dust has finally settled after the recent run up to the Necromunda campaign weekend, and what a superb weekend it was all-round. Good games and good company, what more can you ask for, it all ran very smoothly thanks to Scipio's superlative organising.

I had hoped to do a a couple of posts on the Necromunda gang painting and terrain building but the past couple of weeks has been focused solely on getting everything finished - leaving little time to blog about it unfortunately.

But now it's all finished I can finally make the first of several posts. My scratch-built terrain and the second gang that I painted, Crazy Leg Cuccinni's Crew (the overall victors of the mini-campaign) are safely under lock and key in the Bunker so they'll have to wait for a bit before they get a post of their own.

Next week, the events of the campaign weekend will be appearing in the next issue of the Bilgewater Expositor campaign newspaper.

For now, here's a sneak peek of my (almost) finished Scavvy gang fresh from the gaming table - the Court of the Blind King.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Necromunda Campaign Newspaper: The Bilgewater Expositor

Firstly, just a quick thank you to all of you for getting this humble blog past the 50,000 hits mark. Without sounding too cliched, this blogging lark has added a new dimension to my hobbying, has given me more motivation and the feedback and hobby advice from you fountains of knowledge is always massively helpful.

Making the headlines...

To skip the waffle and read the paper itself, follow these links:

To download the higher res BMP (9 MB), click here
To download as PDF (3 MB), click here

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Necromunda: On the Painting Table (and a Real-life Escher Gang?)

Necromunda has been taking up most of my free time this week in-between churning out essays, freelance work to put models on the table and being distracted by superb games of Company of Heroes with Scipio. Incidentally, his Cawdor zealots I mentioned in my Scavvy post have now made it to his blog - absolutely superb work with some nice little conversions.

With two gangs to paint in two weeks I've been trying to focus on painting to a reasonable table-top standard (for me) and not worrying about fixing certain details too much now. If there's time before the big games weekend after everything else is sorted, I'll go back to it then.

Ogg the Scaly 

The first stage of painting, alongside his comrades Rusty and Scraps

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Necromunda: Painting scrofulous Scavvies

Necromunda has always been my favourite game, BFG a close second.
Like many following the demise of GW Specialist Games myself and Scipio have decided to get a few games going. This demise happened to coincide with me re-reading a lot of old 2000AD/Judge Dredd comics, so I was already primed for some escapades in the Underhive.To tie in my my burgeoning Nurgle force, I opted for some scrofulous and scabied Scavvies - long one of my favourite band of outcasts.

The gang is called the Court of the Blind King. Ironically, no one has ever seen him, but the gang has a reputation for gouging out the eyeballs of fallen (if they're lucky) foes as a trophy - which the Blind King is rumoured to keep in jars as part of his collection. Their Manifesto features references to things like tearing down the order of the smooth-skin normos...

Amongst the gang are the likes of Scraps, the gang's doctor (sort of); then there's Scabface Montana, the right-hand man (in fact, he has two.. right hands that is). Also notable is Pretty Boy Pickman, named for his relative lack of hideous skin diseases. 
In terms of appearance, I wanted to go for something close to lepers in black ragged robes and some of Otto Sump's most loyal customers (Obligatory 2000AD Reference...).

My first two loyal(ish) fighters. The skin is Codex Grey with Drakenhof Nightshade wash and Codex Grey/Bleached bone highlight. The off-white is Bleached Bone with an Agrax Earthshade wash and a Bleached Bone/Skull White (I think) highlight. The green is Loren Forest with Agrax wash and Loren Forest/Bleached Bone highlight. The black is Dawnstone with a watered wash of Chaos Black and a slight highlight of Dawnstone/Skull white. The red is just Blood Red over Red Gore.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

New Project: Nurgle Plague Marine Rhino

With all the recent rumours about the end of Specialist Games (denied by local GW staff) I've been in more of a nostalgic mood than usual. After starting to emerge from the forced sabbatical from gaming etc. I'm starting to want to back into the run of things. I wanted to get a fully painted 2000pt army on the table before the end of the year, that's my challenge. The Mawdryn army has become something of a stumbling block . as I can never quite decide how I want them to look exactly and spend more time worrying about that than actually doing anything. They're definitely not being abandoned, certainly not (neither have the Navy chaps).


Friday, 26 April 2013

Flying the flag: Roundwood's World on game narrative

It's very rare that I share the posts of others, and not because I don't think they're worth sharing. Far, far from the case - I'm constantly impressed and inspired by the pieces that all you lovely people write. It's simply because I suspect I'd get into the habit of doing it and never write my own stuff.

However, I have to share this outstanding article by Sidney Roundwood of Roundwood's World. Many of you may have seen it already, however for those that haven't - you should.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Status Report

Just thought I'd gove you good people an update as to what's going on here, as I know I've been a little quiet of late.

All is well, I've definitely not abandoned the blog, but have taken something of an unintentional sabbatical (as waves of work keep ambushing me) but have been able to chip away at a post that has taken far longer than it ever should have done. And fear not, there's still plenty more left to write about when I get back properly. Not hit the dreaded burn out yet.

Some of you may be aware that I've spent the last couple of years as a mature student (and feeling rather old...) and I'm now writing my final thesis and have exams looming, hence my sudden disappearance. I've also had a few doses of Real Life (TM) as it were, and unfortunately that's meant the the blog has had to take a lower priority for a while.

However, whilst this means my posting will be sporadic at best until around early June, then I should be back up to at least one post per week. And myself and Scipio still have plenty of games and projects lined up (as long as I don't needlessly complicate them, they should see the light of day sooner rather than later).

Friday, 1 March 2013

Space Hulk for the digital age: My sensors reveal... Glory!

I'm afraid this isn't so much a post, but rather a re-post. Apologies for the lack of posts of late, I have been painfully ambushed by multiple deadlines that have consumed most of my time (tiny violins please...). I'm thoroughly enjoying writing my thesis on ideas of French-Canadian nationalism, but it was far more fun when I didn't have to do it :P Look out in the next week or so for the continuation of our BFG Campaign, two battle reports complete with shiny maps. I'm only three weeks behind schedule on those (they do take bloody ages - and the dog ate the first draft!)

Thursday, 24 January 2013

BFG Battle Report: Cruiser Clash

Those torpedoes are going to hurt, aren't they?
Welcome back to a very special joint post on Do You Have A Flag?, as today we not only have a new Battle Report but today marks the start of a new game covered here on the blog!

Scipio put the superb text together (although we alternated with our own comments), which I humbly present below - take it away sir!

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

40k Imperial Navy Tattoo Designs

As I mentioned in my Imperial Navy post the other day, the Ratings I'm converting wouldn't be the same without a few tattoos.

As I'm sure the naval types amongst you will know, tattoos have been popular with sailors since the days of Captain Cook. Ever the superstitious lot, historic tattoos had plenty of meanings and symbolism - they brought luck, whether ensuring a sailor would find his way home or wouldn't drown or ensured good chances in a fight. They also marked certain milestones and achievements of sorts.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Mawdryn Space Marine Druid Base Ideas

Of late I've been playing about with the basing of the Spears of Mawdryn Druid (Librarian).
This is a bit of a cheat post as it was originally an addendum to the BFG Chaos Cruiser post, but I think it was getting lost there, so thought it was worth reposting as a separate "bitesize post" (but with a little extra content).

As I said previously in the post above, I wanted the horned skull on there somewhere to reflect the standard Librarian imagery, and to also look like a primitive talisman or charm. Similarly the owl is a familiar as a symbol of knowledge (a raven would be nice but has been done quite a bit). Plus, the owl was traditionally associated with Herne the Hunter, another source of inspiration for the conversion.

Monday, 7 January 2013

Ships Spotted, Sir - BFG Chaos Cruisers

To continue the distinctly nautical theme of recent posts, I thought I'd share a few Battlefleet Gothic ships.

I ordered these just before Christmas for an upcoming Cruiser Clash with Scipio, and set myself the task last night of painting all four of them. I finished at about 11pm, which is unusual for me as I really prefer painting in the morning or early afternoon. As this was meant to be a bit of a speed paint to my "table top standard," I did cut some corners and there's some tidying to be done now (that I missed in my dazed state last night).

Saturday, 5 January 2013

A Brief Update: 40k Imperial Navy Lt., Mawdryn Druid and BFG Ships...

In my last post I uploaded the WIP Lieutenant (Mr Lefebvre) for my Imperial Navy Boarding Party. As I said from the off, I wasn't quite happy with the bicorne. I couldn't quite get the more "cresent moon" style because of the position of Kal Jerico's hair (damned large and off-centre). I did consider giving him a trim and even resculpting the hair, but as it was sculpted into the shoulder of the model it was more trouble than it was worth. So I went for the eaerlier, or more continental European style bicorne on this one (worn in the later "fore-and-aft" style). I would like to try a "crescent style" as shown on the chap in the centre (to the right of the somewhat obscure Admiral) and the Midshipman to his right, where the rear part sits close to the back of the head (closer than illustrated here, in fact).

Courtesy of The Dear Surprise
 However, the bicorne was still rather on the large side so I gave it a further trim. I could have trimmed it further perhaps, but it was starting to get a little structurally unsound. I lowered the peak at the back a little more and repositioned the bicorne. Results are below:-

Thursday, 3 January 2013

In the Navy... 40k Imperial Navy Boarding Party

 20/06/13 Update - the Lieutenant has had his bicorne resculpted to look more realistic and much less ridiculous... full post here

Update ends.

After a mere year of planning, the Imperial Navy Boarding Party are on the horizon at last. As almost half of my top ten searches are for Imperial Navy related topics, and my most read post of all time is my Imperial Navy Boarding Party planning post, it's definitely time for some proper content. The Navy chaps are intended for Zone Mortalis / Kill Team / Necromunda (rules) games.

Victoria Lamb prompted me into action. After seeing the heads and torsos of the "Tannenburg Fusiliers," I immediately thought the tunics were damn close to the GW concept art and the headgear was essentially a mid 19th-century to modern sailor's peaked cap.Why I didn't think of using Mordians before I don't know, perhaps seeing the separate modular components made something click in my slow, old brain.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

DYHAF is one year old today!

Well, it's the first proper day of 2013 (I think so anyway) and also the first birthday / anniversary of Do You Have A Flag?.Please be warned, there's going to a lot of cliched soppiness - but it's all certainly sincerely meant.

I've said it before, but I want to thank everyone who reads and comments on a regular basis (or as regularly as I post), without your good selves this blog wouldn't be nearly enjoyable (and it would just be me muttering to myself in an empty room, and I do that enough already). You all definitely make the blog what it is (see how I shifted responsibility there...)

I'd like to echo Scipio's excellent post today, where he said the best progress of the year was on the friend-making front. I have to agree completely. At the start of the year when I mostly frequented forums (recently the target of my "Meldrewing" in this post here), I had no idea that I'd finish the year knowing a superb bunch of people whose feedback and suggestions are always respected and appreciated (soppy overload warning...). I've been able to get involved with some great projects, AND recently had the likes of Chris from SOPW interested in my waffle enough to make a beautiful mini from my own fluff witterings.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Sippin' on Paint Water goes to Mawdryn

Happy New Year to you all!

I hadn't intended to post until tomorrow, DYHAF's first birthday / anniversary or whatever the blog equivalent is. But I had to at least do a quick post to share this pure awesomeness. After seeing my last post on the Druids of my home brew Space Marine Chapter, the Spears of Mawdryn, Chris over at the superlative (and superbly named) Sippin' on Paint Water decided to make one.

Where I did a Druid of the Stave (Librarian), Chris went for a Druid of the Scythe (Chaplain-Apothecary) - and my word what a job he did, even though its still work in progress. I am very, very impressed (understatement). Chris absolutely got it spot on - and I love the sculpted Chapter badge. I urge you all to check it out immediately (and the rest of the blog if you've somehow managed to miss it already).

For a little fluff snippet on the Druids, please check out my last post.

I'll be back tomorrow with a few hobby updates of my own hopefully.

Chris' utterly incredible interpretation of one of my Druids 
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