Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Necromunda: On the Painting Table (and a Real-life Escher Gang?)

Necromunda has been taking up most of my free time this week in-between churning out essays, freelance work to put models on the table and being distracted by superb games of Company of Heroes with Scipio. Incidentally, his Cawdor zealots I mentioned in my Scavvy post have now made it to his blog - absolutely superb work with some nice little conversions.

With two gangs to paint in two weeks I've been trying to focus on painting to a reasonable table-top standard (for me) and not worrying about fixing certain details too much now. If there's time before the big games weekend after everything else is sorted, I'll go back to it then.

Ogg the Scaly 

The first stage of painting, alongside his comrades Rusty and Scraps

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Necromunda: Painting scrofulous Scavvies

Necromunda has always been my favourite game, BFG a close second.
Like many following the demise of GW Specialist Games myself and Scipio have decided to get a few games going. This demise happened to coincide with me re-reading a lot of old 2000AD/Judge Dredd comics, so I was already primed for some escapades in the Underhive.To tie in my my burgeoning Nurgle force, I opted for some scrofulous and scabied Scavvies - long one of my favourite band of outcasts.

The gang is called the Court of the Blind King. Ironically, no one has ever seen him, but the gang has a reputation for gouging out the eyeballs of fallen (if they're lucky) foes as a trophy - which the Blind King is rumoured to keep in jars as part of his collection. Their Manifesto features references to things like tearing down the order of the smooth-skin normos...

Amongst the gang are the likes of Scraps, the gang's doctor (sort of); then there's Scabface Montana, the right-hand man (in fact, he has two.. right hands that is). Also notable is Pretty Boy Pickman, named for his relative lack of hideous skin diseases. 
In terms of appearance, I wanted to go for something close to lepers in black ragged robes and some of Otto Sump's most loyal customers (Obligatory 2000AD Reference...).

My first two loyal(ish) fighters. The skin is Codex Grey with Drakenhof Nightshade wash and Codex Grey/Bleached bone highlight. The off-white is Bleached Bone with an Agrax Earthshade wash and a Bleached Bone/Skull White (I think) highlight. The green is Loren Forest with Agrax wash and Loren Forest/Bleached Bone highlight. The black is Dawnstone with a watered wash of Chaos Black and a slight highlight of Dawnstone/Skull white. The red is just Blood Red over Red Gore.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

New Project: Nurgle Plague Marine Rhino

With all the recent rumours about the end of Specialist Games (denied by local GW staff) I've been in more of a nostalgic mood than usual. After starting to emerge from the forced sabbatical from gaming etc. I'm starting to want to back into the run of things. I wanted to get a fully painted 2000pt army on the table before the end of the year, that's my challenge. The Mawdryn army has become something of a stumbling block . as I can never quite decide how I want them to look exactly and spend more time worrying about that than actually doing anything. They're definitely not being abandoned, certainly not (neither have the Navy chaps).


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