Thursday, 12 September 2013

Introducing "1919" - A New Alternative History Game

Wow it's been quite the year so far, with the whirlwind of Real Life (Patent applied for) I've missed blogging and keeping up with all of your superb blogs as much as I'd like to. After getting one year older yesterday, I decided not to waste any more time not enjoying blogging and get stuck in.

Hopefully, this shall be the first of more regular posts now. I certainly don't have a lack of projects lined up.... but more on those later.

A New Project

What I would like to introduce today is a new project. The way that it came about was in a confluence of several threads coming together at once. The first was looking at Ed's (Scipio) superb Trench Raider rules and thinking that they would be superb for some sort of street-fighting skirmish game. The second was a jolly good chat in the pub with the ol' Colonel considering the implications of a German victory in 1918. The third was seeing the trailer and reading about the new BBC series, "Peaky Blinders" about a Birmingham gang of returned soldiers.

And of course there a lots of other little things. I've always loved the idea of VBCW and how it has developed - and in all fairness this is not hugely dissimilar. I'm afraid I've run out of original ideas. But depsite the similarities, there's still something about this that makes me want to go forward with it and see where it goes.

As ever with any project, I have to get the graphics right first

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