Thursday, 3 September 2015

Games Workshop - Slow Death by its own Fluff?

Warning: This is a Long(ish) Read.

Games Workshop - doomed to be destroyed by its own creation?
The Boring Introduction Bit

Whilst walking to Asda in the rain I tried thinking of several titles for this post: Too much Grimdarkness, not enough actual Darkness? or perhaps Story, Setting and Sales: Incompatible?

Simply, I wanted to ask is GW's fluff inherently incompatible with business longevity? 

Before we start we will assume the following generally accepted approaches of the GW business model: 1. it focuses on recruiting new younger players over retaining repeat buying older gamers and 2. it is primarily a miniature company, interested in selling miniatures not writing games. Also I'm mostly talking about 40k, the most successful game in terms of sales, although Fantasy does get an honourable mention. Full disclosure, it was this superb (better) article on on BoLS that revived my line of thinking on this. 

My long-time readers will know "I'm all about the fluff". The fluff (or background, lore, etc.) is largely what drew me to the game in the first place, back in 1996. 

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