Sunday, 30 October 2016

28mm Diorama of Lawrence of Arabia's Ambush at Hallat Ammar (September 1917)

My last post detailed a locomotive that I was building for a diorama. Since then I've been frantically working on the rest of it, along with Scipio and our SB5 comrades: Ollie and Mike.

The diorama was made for the Shifting Sands exhibit, which details Lawrence's involvement in the war and examines the consequences of the Great Arab Revolt that are with us in the present day. Built around the work of the GARP archaeological project, it's an outstanding exhibit and an excellent addition the the National Civil War Centre. Cannot recommend a visit enough, and not just to see our diorama.

This is the first time I've done a diorama so it was a steep learning curve, there's a lot that I'm not happy with on my side, but overall I think we recreated the ambush as described by Lawrence in his memoirs Seven Pillars of Wisdom as well as the limitations of space, resources and time allowed. But it was all experience for the next projects...

All credit for the beautiful painting of the Turks, the engine and the creation of the lovely sandbags go to Scipio, and likewise the Arabs are all Mike's handiwork. Ollie selected the miniatures and created all of the lovely shell casings scattered around, reflecting the archaeological finds and helped me put the finishing touches to everything on the last day at the museum - and a special thanks to Scipio, who on the evening before his wedding, drove to my house to do some last minute work on the diorama and then transported it in one piece to the museum. That's dedication. 

I'm not going to waffle too much, I'll just share the photos, any questions are welcome as always.

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